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Thinking (out loud) Fast and Slow

This is an unfinished thought. Conversation is encouraged.

I’ve started reading Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman(check out my Kindle highlights)

Kahneman was one of the first to identify cognitive bias in our thinking, and this book describes a metaphor for two systems of thinking; System 1 (fast, intuitive, prone to bias) and System 2 (slow, methodical, conscious) working together to influence our interaction with the world.

System 1 is generally to do with emotion and feeling, but it also deals with facts if those facts have a strong belief behind them (for example, 2+2=4; Paris is the capital of France).
I have often coached people to use strong metaphors to express their ideas, and reading the early chapters of this book, I think part of the reason that I do this is that strong metaphors are much easier to absorb into System 1.

An engaging story is easier to absorb and express to others than a complicated description that requires conscious attention. This applies as much to code as is does to writing or speaking.