Andy Palmer is a software craftsman skilled in developing software, coaching and testing; with over 10 years experience across multiple sectors, including telecommunications, investment banking, retail and media. Andy was inspired by the Agile Manifesto in 2002, and since then has applied agile principles and practices wherever applicable. Andy was previously a senior consultant with ThoughtWorks and has several years experience working with high-availability systems for the mobile telecommunications industry. The British Computer Society has Andy listed as one of the Top ICT Professionals

In March 2009, he co-founded Pair With Us with Antony Marcano. This successful partnership led to the formation of RiverGlide in June 2009, to make their unique flavour of energy and motivation available to companies that share in their values (transparency, integrity, trust) and benefit from their ability to continuously innovate and deliver.

As a passionate programmer; Andy is continuously developing his craft, writing code in Ruby, Java, .Net, Perl and more.

As an Agile coach; Andy has substantial experience in helping teams benefit from better testing and write cleaner, well crafted, easy to read and maintain code.

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