Something to talk about?

During my current day to day role as a coach, I get a lot of opportunity to find out where people are having problems, which things are causing them pain and we can talk about ways to move things forward.

Having real problems helps to focus the mind on the pragmatic rather than the academic. It’s great to talk about how things would be better in a functional world without mutable state, but when we’re living in a Javabean world, that’s simply not possible.

With that in mind, I’d like to try and discover what is causing real people real problems. If you’re currently finding something hard (implementing a particular agile practice) or if there is some common convention that causes you to see red, or you feel strongly about something I’ve said previously (I reserve the right to change my stance 🙂 ), let me know (comments or email) and I will try and capture (and share) the generated discussion.

Hopefully this will be a fun exercise, as well as helping to focus on some of the current issues affecting our industry.